Help To Restructure The Business

Help To Restructure The Business

Businesses have to be more efficient, more productive, and more cost-effective than ever to be able to compete and thrive in an uncertain global economy. That is the purpose of lean manufacturing, and it takes commitment, consultation, training, and implementation for it to be successful. It is not easy to set up lean manufacturing and improvement plans from within. If that were possible, every facility across industries would be doing it already. Reviewing policies and procedures is a great start, but objectivity is needed to detect waste, inconsistencies, and inefficiency.

A company that specializes in quality and continuous improvement in Perth customizes changes and strategies for specific businesses in many industries. They will partner with the business, include all levels of staff, and help reduce waste and costs while increasing productivity, quality, and employee satisfaction and retention. Looking at the business size, processes, work space, procedures, staff, and job descriptions will help professionals get a better idea of how the business operates, and make suggestions for changes. Working with, and training employees, will result in stronger work teams, better efficiency, and continuous improvement. The impact goes beyond the short term changes and increases employee buy-in and encourages initiative to spot waste, and develop solutions in the future.

The unique approach includes a "5s" system and lean manufacturing courses for everyone involved, from entry level to executives. The system begins with sorting, which consists of going through each area and removing unnecessary items, steps, or procedures. The second "s", straighten, refers to turning current space into more efficient work space. That reduces time for tasks, as well as decreasing distractions and workplace accidents and injuries. Closely related is the third "s", which is shine. That means organizing the space so everything and everyone has a proper place. Tasks are completed quicker, easier, and with less time and effort.

The approach continues with standardizing actions and job duties. Developing one procedure for each task that will be used by each employee. That increases consistency and productivity, as well as improving quality. The final step, which is sustain, consists of implementing the new practices, and maintaining new areas, plans, and procedures. Once people are trained on the process, they can begin to understand the benefits of reviewing how things are done, discussing possible changes, and deciding on their own action plans. Government incentives and funding may be available to offset training costs for businesses interested in cutting back their processes and leaving a smaller environmental footprint. The company has information regarding programs on the website.

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